Disaster Preparedness Committee
The committee meets on the Second Tuesday of the Month at 3:30 pm via Zoom
Monthly training drills occur on the 1st Saturday of the month
The primary purpose of the DPREP Committee is to inform owners at Hartstene Pointe of their responsibilities for preparation in a number of possible future  disasters which might affect them and their visitors to the Pointe and Harstine Island.   
The DPREP updates the Board of Directors regarding opportunities to prepare for emergency situations, including opportunities to obtain materials & supplies as well as to train volunteers and staff for support roles.
  • Forest Fires:
    Because our homes are all surrounded by our common-area forest, fires are the most immediate threats.  With only one two-lane road leading out of the Pointe, evacuation would be difficult, and fire trucks would need the north-bound lane to get into the Pointe.
  • Earthquakes:
    A major earthquake could damage or destroy the only bridge to Harstine Island, in addition to whatever damage is done to our homes, clubhouse, and to our people.
It is important that every resident at Hartstene Pointe is responsible to be prepared for these threats.  The DPREP Committee conducts monthly training drills that are open to all Pointe residents, and provides links to important resources for personal planning: Emergency Disaster & Personal Planning

Past Training Drills
  • Road Clearing
  • Search & Rescue
  • Disaster Plan Skills Workshops
  • Wet Weather Fire Starter
  • First Aid CPR Class
  • CB Radio Drills
Photos: Soup Kitchen Drill
DPREP Committee
Greg Fellman
Jim States
Shirley Ougendal (Treasurer)
Sheryl Fellman (Interim Secretary)
Ann-Marie Reade
Jim Anderson
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