Simply put, "governance" means:

The process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented
Governance includes the formal and informal actors involved in decision-making and implementing the decisions made, and the formal and informal structures that have been set in place to arrive at and implement the decision.
Governing Documents - Our Formal Structures
HPMA is governed as stated in our Governing Documents:
The Board also has established several committees in the Bylaws.  These committees advise the Board, but are not delegated with Board authority.
How it works in practice
Property owners elect a 7-member Board of Directors annually in June --  with terms running for 3 years.
Each year, 2 or 3 board members are elected.
The Board elects its own officers:
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
The Board meets twice a month in open meetings to conduct its business on the 2nd Friday and 3rd Saturday.
Minutes of every meeting are posted on the web site and in the Clubhouse.
The Saturday meeting is where business is conducted that affects all property owners, and owners are urged to attend and participate.
While owners are allowed and encouraged, to  present their views, the Board has the final decision-making authority.
Informal System
In addition to the "formal" system, the Pointe has a number of informal, ad-hoc "committees, task forces, groups, individual" which are self-organizing, and take on various roles within the community.
These groups and people are essential to foster the on-going work and activities at the Pointe, and to inform the "formal" governance system on key issues.