Hartstene Pointe is a unique community located on the northern tip of Harstine Island, set within a verdant forest, and surrounded on three sides by the waters of Puget Sound.
The Pointe is approximately 215 acres in size and is situated about 18 miles northeast of the City of Shelton in Mason County, Washington. 
In 1970 Weyerhaeuser established Hartstene Pointe as a not-for-profit corporation. While Hartstene Pointe was originally planned to be a recreational community, a significant number of the homes serve as primary residences today. The Pointe consists of 532 private residential lots, 90 private condominium "Island Houses", a private road system, a 6,000 sq. ft. Clubhouse, a swimming pool and hot tub, three tennis courts, basketball court, pickle ball court and about 5.5 miles of walking trails, a 110-slip marina, a boat launch, picnic areas and 3.5 miles of private beach.
After 60 years, Hartstene Pointe remains heavily wooded with Douglas fir, hemlock, cedar, madrona, maple and various other deciduous trees. The area is also home to a significant population of birds, deer and raccoons.  Bald eagles have been sighted along the waters edge. Along its perimeter, Hartstene Pointe gives magnificent views of Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountains.
The community recently established The Hartstene Pointe Water-Sewer District,  that has acquired the water and sewer utilities formerly owned and operated by Mason County.  Hartstene Pointe Water-Sewer District is a totally separate government entity and is not run by Hartstene Pointe.
HPMA - The Organization
"The Pointe" is incorporated as a non-profit homeowners' association, as described in our Governance section. HPMA is governed by a 7-member Board of Directors and administered by a General Manager and staff. 
Harstine Island – A Remote Paradise
Harstine Island, approximately ten miles long and three miles wide, is located at the southern end of Puget Sound, 18 miles away from the nearest town, Shelton.   The island is accessible by a bridge from Highway 3 that links Shelton to Bremerton.   Harstine Island had a population of 1,412 census as of the 2010 census.  Stories exist to explain the several spellings of Harstine/Hartstene.
Lured by the quiet beauty and low cost of land on Harstine Island, early settlers farmed, logged, planted orchards, and gathered clams and oysters from the sea.  The settlers-built schools, stores and in 1914, volunteers erected the Community Hall, which is still actively used today.   Electricity and telephone were not available on the island until 1947.  A ferry provided transportation across the passage until 1969, when a bridge was built connecting the island to the mainland. Hartstene Pointe development followed soon afterward.