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Bigfoot caught Skinny Dipping
Posted on Aug 5th, 2021
Bigfoot caught Skinny Dipping in Hartstene Pointe Pool!
Patrol Officer Pam says
“UGH! The Pool’s Filters were
Clogged with the Beast’s Hair!”
Seriously though…
Please help preserve our forest and
ensure the SAFETY of all who live here
by observing HPMA Rules and Regulations
regarding Smoking which are very simple…
Smoking is ONLY PERMITTED within your
residence, vehicles (NOT Golf Carts) and on
Private Properties ONLY
(and please be careful there)
in the Pointe.
Please INFORM all guests, renters, vendors and contractors
of our rules on this matter.
Thanks for your attention, ;-)
HP Fire Safety Committee
Fire Season has arrived early and appears to be a significant threat to all communities in the state.....
Posted on Jul 9th, 2021
Fire Season has arrived early and appears to be a significant threat to all communities in the state.
Please take the time to use the Disaster Preparedness Committee's Fire Season Go-Kit tool to help in preparation for helping you and your family to stay safe.
Not everyone will be able to collect all of the gear listed above. Just begin to put the gear in a light weight day pack and a car-kit duffle, specific for fire related evacuation from HPMA.
Practice Fire Evacuation with your Family and Friends ´╗┐to the water (Spit or Marina)
Thank you,
Fire Safety and Disaster Preparedness
Burn Ban
Posted on Jul 1st, 2021
Burn Ban through September 30th
  • No Recreational Fires at the Spit
  • No Charcoal Briquette BB&Q's at the Picnic Shelters and the Spit
  • No Charcoal Briquette BB&Q's on Private Property
The following are accepted during the Burn Ban
  • Propane Grills
  • Propane Fire Pits
  • Pellet Grills
HOT, HOT, HOT.......
Posted on Jun 26th, 2021
People always think that it’s someone else
who will do something stupid.
We need, ALL OF US, to be thinking about our actions this summer and to be very cautious and very aware of how normal family fun or neighborly socializing could turn into a fire. Have fun safely this summer by being very, very cautious with fire!
Thank you,
Fire Safety and Common Area Stewardship Committees

   Upcoming Events   
Dock Replacement Project Construction Schedule
Wednesday, September 8th to Sunday, October 31st
Notice to Vacate the Marina during the New Construction Schedule
Dear Slip Holder,
We hope everyone has heard the good news that the Dock Replacement Project is moving forward.  Marine Floats, our contractor, is currently building the docks at their Tacoma facility.  Onsite demolition and construction at the marina are scheduled to start November 1, 2021. The anticipated work is scheduled for six weeks with a completion date of December 13, 2021.
With the construction industry’s current supply problems, there is always a chance that delays may occur.  While Marine Floats appear to very well organized and purchasing material far in advance, we mention this as a possibility.  HPMA will provide updates as needed by email blast and by posting on the hpma.org website. HPMA will also communicate to all slip holders when the marina is available for your use and vessels may return.
Based on the above schedule, all vessels must vacate the marina no later than October 31, 2021.  Do not plan on returning your vessel to the new marina before December 13, 2021.
Please acknowledge and take the following actions:
1. Confirm with Doug, our Harbormaster, or with the HPMA office that you have received this letter and will have your boat removed by the deadline to harbormaster@hpma.org or office@hpma.org.
2. If you sublease your slip it is your responsibility to notify the sublessee of the dates the marina cannot be used.
3. Remove oyster bags, dock bumpers, hoses, or other equipment you may wish to save.
4. Do not reinstall any equipment that requires attachment (bolts, screws, nails, clamps, etc.) to the new docks. The Moorage Committee is working on a selection of materials that may be purchased and/or attached by HPMA staff only. This is to maintain the integrity, warranty and appearance of the new marina.
HPMA has posted the new marina layout on the hpma.org website so all slip holders can review the plans.
Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.
HPMA and the Moorage Committee
CASC Big Tree Trail Destination Project-Big Leaf Maple and Dogwood Project
Saturday, September 11th to Tuesday, September 21st
Big Tree Trail Destination Project
There used to be a seating area at the end of the Big Tree Trail where people could enjoy the quiet of the woods and the view down Indian Cove ravine to the water and the Marina. However when the original Big Tree disintegrated, the seating area also fell into disrepair and rotted away. We are proposing to restore this missing amenity by building a platform lined on three sides with benches where people can sit and enjoy their common area. Estimated cost $16oo from the Lot 13 Fund.
Big Leaf Maple Project
Goal: To plant Big Leaf Maple starts in three locations in the common area.
Rationale: Most native understory plants require dappled light or part shade. Our established Big Leaf Maples cannot reproduce successfully due to deer foraging on the seedlings. By planting Big Leaf Maple seedlings in areas where trees have fallen or died, we are providing trees for the future to maintain the forested ambiance of the common area.
Method: Plant three or four seedlings in each of these locations: on the edges of the meadow at the bottom of Cuttysark Ravine, on hill sides in Indian Cove ravine and in the "island" of common area between the Island House parking and PDW at about address 673.
Cost: Free. Laura propagated Big Leaf Maples in the CASC Pea Patch.
Dogwood Project
Goal: To plant Red Osier Dogwood shrubs in three moist shady locations in the common area
Rationale: Professional advice concerning long term planning for a wooded common area is to plant a variety of species including shrubs, rather than focusing on exclusively on trees. Also Red Osier dogwood is an attractive shrub that flowers, benefits birds y producing edible berries, provides forage for deer, and is easy to grow. 
Method: Plant Dog Wood starts at the base of the Cuttysark Ravine, near the water at the end of Indian Cove Ravine, and around the seep at the base of the Dougal Point Lagoon. All starts will have to be fenced until large enough to withstand deer foraging. 

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