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Moorage Slip Auction for Indian Cove Marina at Hartstene Pointe
Posted on May 18th, 2022
Moorage Slip Auction for Indian Cove Marina at Hartstene Pointe
Hartstene Pointe will auction slip #36 on the A dock to the highest bidder on Saturday May 21, 2022, at 2:30 pm at the Marina/West Beach Picnic Shelter.  This auction will only be open to HPMA property owners.  They winning bidder will receive a Long Term Lease for slip #36 providing exclusive use of the slip.  The minimum term ends October 30, 2046 and will be renewed if the Aquatics Lease with the state is renewed.
The owner of the Long-Term Lease may sell the lease to other owners.
Historically the only way to secure moorage at the marina is to acquire moorage from another owner who wants to sell their Exclusive Long-Term Lease.  This is a rare opportunity to acquire a moorage lease directly from HPMA.
Due to some of the reconfiguration of the new marina this slip is an additional slip and is unassigned.
Moorage Slip Information:
Current Location and Configuration:
•    Location - Slip #36 on A-Dock
      Please note this slip is unique from the others slips.  DNR required a modification that resulted in the unique angle configuration in that corner.  We lost use of 12 feet of the Guest dock and caused slip 36/37 to be at an angle.  This configuration reduces the allowable beam width or total boat length.
•    Configuration – Leased Space:  Length 20 feet with a 6-foot 6 inch beam or maximum 10 foot Length with a 8 foot beam.  The leased Boat Slip (the water space) is an open berth designed for a boat that is equal to, or less than the space as defined. The Lessee shall not exceed that length by a maximum of two feet, including bowsprits, anchors, swim steps and raised engines. The Lessee shall not exceed the designed beam width.
•        Refer to drawing
Minimum Reserve
Moorage Lease Fee
This slip, due to its unique configuration, will be invoiced as a 15-foot moorage slip.  At the current rate this would equal $68.10 per month or $204.30 per quarter.  Other moorage fees such as electric at $5.00 a month would be in addition.
This will be a live auction during the New Marina Open House starting at 2:30 pm.  HPMA will attempt to also allow participants to attend via Zoom.  If you cannot attend in person you must register with the HPMA business office by 5 pm, May 20, 2022.  You may also register at the marina open house which starts at 1 pm. 
Do not hesitate to call the office, 360-426-2300, if you have any questions.
Indian Cove Marina Grand Opening
Posted on May 12th, 2022
Indian Cove Marina
Grand Opening
After a long awaited, anticipation
of our Dock replacement,
It's finally completed!
All Property Owners are welcome to join us
to see our beautiful Marina.
There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony
and flag raising.
May 21st
Open House from 1 to 3 pm
~Snacks will be provided~
*If parking is full, please park on Promontory Road or at the Clubhouse.
Thank you,
HPMA Moorage Committee
and the Harbormaster
May 2022 Newsletter
Posted on May 2nd, 2022
Hot Off the Press
Select link for entire newsletter
Volunteers Needed for Several HPMA Committees
Posted on Mar 10th, 2022
for several HPMA Committees
Would you like to make a difference for the
Pointe Community?
Committees usually meet monthly and serve as an advisory role to the
Board of Directors.
Volunteers are needed for the following committees:
Permit Review Committee:
  • PRC evaluates building and vegetation management proposals submitted by lot owners for review. Applications are reviewed and site visits as necessary.
  • They write summations with recommendations follows established rules and guidelines to the BOD
Fire Safety:
  • Fire Safety Committee meets monthly to discuss and promote fire safety in our community. 
  • They provide information, input and recommendations to the board concerning fire and the management of fire risk.
  • They educate and raise community awareness of the risk of fire.
  • They maintain our communities membership as a Firewise community.
HP Disaster Preparedness:
  • The primary purpose of the HPEPC is to inform owners at Hartstene Pointe of their responsibilities for preparation in a number of possible future emergencies which might affect them and their visitors to the Pointe and Harstine Island.  
  • The HPEPC updates the Board of Directors regarding opportunities to prepare for emergency situations, including opportunities to obtain materials & supplies as well as to train volunteers and staff for support roles.
The remaining committees are listed below if you have
interest in their responsibilities:
(Refer to the Bylaw's for complete purposes of the committees)
Moorage Committee
Island House Committee
Common Area Stewardship Committee
Recreation Committee
Pea Patch Committee
News Letter Committee
If you are interested in serving on these Committees,
Contact the Office

   Upcoming Events   
Short Term Rental Survey #2
Friday, April 29th to Tuesday, May 31st
Short Term Rental Survey 2_May 2022
In March, we sent a our planned second survey to the community to gauge support for recommendations that the Short-Term Rental (STR) committee was considering to present to the board for adoption.
When we looked at the results we saw a huge discrepancy between the number of respondents who answered the information related to ownership and the number of respondents who answered the recommendation questions and felt that there was a possibility of missing owner input.
We believe there was an technical issue with the previous survey platform where it did not save all the answers and feedback that was provided. The STR committee made the decision to redo the survey on a different platform.
We apologize for the inconvenience of having to do this survey twice. But the STR committee believes that it is crucial to accurately and completely capture all community feedback in order to to make recommendations to the board. Results to the survey will also be posted on the website.
The Short Term Rental Committee was authorized by the HPMA Board last year to recommend adjustments to existing rules or new rules to better manage guests of rental properties. The committee has taken a three-pronged approach through; Education, Engagement and Enforcement and are considering the following recommendations to the Board. The purpose of this survey is to gauge community support for these recommendations. 
Recommendations from the Short Term Rental Committee:
1.      Develop, publish and recommend that owners post the primary rules of the Pointe to be used by guests and tenants when owners are not present.
2.      Review, revise and recommend a new fine structure around ‘personal behavior’ conduct (see below).
3.      Review existing STR WAC requirements with respect to fire safety, maximum occupancy, business licensing, insurance etc.  Post those requirements on the STR web page and provide to landlords with the expectation that they are to be complied with.  Chapter 64.37 RCW: SHORT-TERM RENTALS (wa.gov)
4.      Recommend to the Board that HPMA adopt a registration system for both homes in the rental market and for the tenants that rent them.
Review of HPMA Fine Structure:
The STR committee has reviewed the current fines and is making recommendations to the Board that will apply equally to everyone; property owners, guests, and tenants alike.
The proposed fine structure is designed to place a larger financial burden on habitual offenders (applicable to property owners, guests and tenants).  Note: Progressive fines would reset and start over at the first of the year.
Select the link below to view the Fine Structure:
Please select link below to complete the Short Term Rental Survey #2 by no later than May 31st.
Thank you, 
Ad Hoc Short Term Rental Committee and the
HPMA Board of Directors
BACKGROUNDER PROPOSED RULES CHANGES Rules Change to Moorage Rules & Regulation/Handbook
Tuesday, May 10th to Sunday, May 22nd
Rules Change to Moorage Rules & Regulation/Handbook
The HPMA Board of Directors is proposing a Rule change. Two consecutive readings at the Saturday Board meetings are required for a Rules change to take effect. The first reading was at the April 16, 2022, Board meeting.
The second reading is scheduled for the Saturday, May 21, 2022, Board Meeting.
This Backgrounder is being provided to allow owners sufficient time to provide input or
comments to the Board before the Rule change is adopted.
The purpose of this proposed Rule change is:
  1. Article I, General Marina Information - Reduce the time to correct marina violations from 30 days to 15 days.
  2. Modifications to Article IX Modification or Alteration of Slips and Drive-on Floating Docks. - that modifications to the docks/slips are generally not allowed and to clarify what modifications may be requested.
The proposed amended DEFINITIONS are in RED type:
General Marina Information
Application of Marina Rules:  The Marina is a unique feature of the Association that requires specific rules and procedures.  These Marina Rules are intended to supplement the Declaration, Bylaws and other Rules and Regulations of the Association by being specific to the Marina.  To the extent these Marina Rules conflict with the general Rules and Regulations, then with regard to Marina-related matters these Marina Rules shall control.  If the Marina Rules conflict with the Declaration or Bylaws, the Declaration or Bylaw provision will control.  In addition to the governing documents listed above, the Agreement and Declaration Applicable to Indian Cove Marina was initiated to specifically guide policy and management of the Marina.
Enforcement procedures for the marina rules are as defined in the HPMA Rules & Regulations except owners or registered occupants shall have 15 days to correct a marina violation in lieu of 30 days as defined in the HPMA R&R’s, Article II, Enforcement Protocol and Hearing Procedures.
Proposed Article IX:
In general, the modification or alteration of slips is not allowed. The below provisions describe the limited conditions under which a slip may be modified or altered to suit the specific needs of a tenant.
1.                   Modification:  The installation of the Long-Term Lessee or Sublessees’ property on the floats, docks, piers, or water space such as cleats, bumpers, dock wheels, marine lifts, hoists, floating docks, etc.
2.                   Dock Alteration:  Any change in the structure of the floating docks that involves adding new components to the structure or removing components of the original structure.
3.                   Drive-on Floating Docks:  Drive-on, drive-off floating docks (dry docks) moored in the slip for the purpose of keeping the hull of a vessel out of the water when not in use.
4.            Personal Watercraft (PWC):  A vessel propelled by a water-jet pump or other machinery as its primary source of motive power and designed to be operated by a person sitting, standing, or kneeling on the vessel, rather than sitting or standing within the vessel's hull.
Section 1:  Modification Generally.
A.                  Slips may not be modified by the addition of carpet, mats, hoses, electrical cords, storage lockers (dock box), dock wheels, or any item permanently attached to the float, dock, or pier with the following exceptions:
1.       Cleats – An additional cleat(s) may be provided and installed by HPMA upon request from the Long-Term Lessee.   The Lessee will be billed for the actual cost of the cleat(s) and installation, once installed, the cleat(s) becomes property of the Marina.  Requests shall be submitted to the Harbormaster and must be approved by HPMA.
2.       Drive-on Floating Docks – for one or two personal watercraft (PWC) may be used in a moorage slip with the approval of HPMA.  A request must be submitted by the Long-Term Lessee to the Harbormaster and approved by HPMA prior to arrival.  If approved the floating dock shall not be bolted or attached to the marina docks.  It must be secured by rope/line to the dock cleats only.  The floating dock cannot ground out on low tides and shall not exceed the length and/or beam dimensions as defined by the lease.  Drive-on floating docks designed for vessels other than PWC are not permitted.
3.       Sublessees that require cleats or drive-on floating docks for PWCs must obtain the approval of their Lessor-and HPMA per 1 and 2 above.
1.       HPMA approved dock wheels or other devices that serve to prevent damage to moored vessels will be provided and installed by HPMA upon request from the Owner (the Long-Term Lessee).  The Owner will be billed for the actual cost of the item installed.  Any installed item becomes property of the Marina.
2.       Cleats – additional cleats will be provided and installed by HPMA upon request from the Owner. The Owner will be billed for the actual cost of the items installed and the installed cleats becomes property of the Marina.
3.       Dock Box – HPMA approved dock box for storage will be provided and installed by HPMA upon request from the Owner only at approved locations which do not block the Roadways, gangways, piers, floats, and finger piers.  The Owner will be billed for the actual cost of the item installed. The Owner is responsible for locking the box and securing their contents. The dock box will become property of the Marina.
4.       Sublessees that require cleats or dock boxes must obtain the approval of their lessor-Owner and HPMA per 1, 2 and 3 above.
B.                  Slips shall not be altered in any way by the addition of any structural component, including storage shelves, storage devices for dinghies and the like.
C.                  Slips shall not be altered in any way by the removal of any of the components of the original structure.
D.                  HPMA reserves the right to deny any request for additional cleats and/or drive-on floating docks.

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