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Need Help with Fire Protection around your Home?
Posted on Feb 21st, 2020
“What can I do to protect my home and property from wildfire?’
 “Where is the safest location for my woodpile?”
“What kind of vegetation trimming would improve fie safety around my property?”
“How can I improve fire safety and still meet the requirements of HPMA Rules?”
If these and other questions are on your mind, the Fire Safety Committee might be able to help. First, we need your input.
Please respond to the following questions.
1.  Would you like to receive free consultation to improve fire safety around your home and property? (Yes or No)
2.  What questions do you need help with?
Please send your responses to adviseyourfsc@gmail.com
If sufficient numbers of owners are interested, the Fire Safety Committee will move ahead to plan a program to help.
Thank you, 
HPMA Fire Safety Committee

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HPMA is implementing "Stay home, Stay Healthy" order
Saturday, March 28th to Monday, May 4th
HPMA is implementing the following actions due to the
COVID-19 outbreak and the "Stay home, Stay Healthy"
order from Governor Jay Inslee, announced on March 23, 2020,
These are extraordinary times and we hope as a community all individuals remain patient and diligent and follow the CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of this pandemic.
1. In addition to the clubhouse and fitness center all public bathrooms at the Pointe will be closed. HPMA does not have the proper personal protection equipment to properly clean and disinfect the bathrooms per CDC interim guidelines.
2. The play area by the clubhouse will be closed.  
3. The common areas including North Beach, the Spit and tennis courts will remain open if individuals using those areas use proper social distancing of at least six feet separation. HPMA will consider closing all common areas if social distancing is not adhered to.
4. HPMA employees will be working from home.  Essential employees which must perform their work at the office will do so in shifts were proper separation will be maintained.
5. All meetings will use teleconference technology.
6. No individuals except for essential employees will be allowed to enter to clubhouse. HPMA has ordered a drop box for owners to leave payments, documents and correspondence.
7. Packages for pick-up will be placed outside the clubhouse in the covered entry area during office business hours.  We ask all owners receiving packages to retrieve them as fast as possible. HPMA is not responsible for lost packages.
8. HPMA and our Patrol Officer cannot respond to individual health concerns or crisis.  Call 911 or your doctor who are trained to handle health matters.
These measures are for the safety of our employees,
Board Members, Committee Members as well as our Community as a whole.  The strategy is "Shelter in Place".
Since the closing of the schools and "Shelter in Place",
we have noticed an increase in our population,
similar to the summer months.
Please pass this information on to other owners, your tenants and guests prior to their arrival. We do not want owners, tenants and guests being surprised by the restrictions imposed on our amenities after they arrive.
Uninformed people often put an unnecessary burden and stress on our employees and owners as well.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Short Term Rental Properties at Hartstene Pointe
Saturday, March 28th to Monday, May 4th
"Short Term Rental Properties
at Hartstene Pointe"
The Stay Home, Stay Healthy order has been extended to May 4th,

Renting Vacation/Short Term Rentals at Hartstene Pointe may be in Violation of Stay-at-Home Health Order.
Under the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order from March 24 to May 4th, unless extended beyond this date, property owners of vacation and short term rental homes should stop providing services that invite people into Hartstene Pointe.
Vacation Rentals appear to be included as non-essential services. Several Washington State Counties have issued proclamations that support this interpretation. Booking a vacation rental at this time seems to be in direct violation of the March 23rd stay-at-home order from the Health Officer, as well as Governor Inslee's "Stay Home - Stay Healthy" proclamation that went into effect on March 25 at midnight.
If you currently have tenants in a vacation rental or home, HPMA is not recommending they leave early, however, renters and owners must comply with the stay-at-home order that states all public gatherings of any number of people are prohibited, unless performing essential tasks.
HPMA asks that your short term tenants or guests return to their place of residence as soon as your rental booking is over. They should 'stay-at-home' in their place of residence.
All Hartstene Pointe short term rentals and vacations should be canceled during the Stay-at-Home order and re-booked for a later date.
Rand Herman, BOD President
Stefan Birgh, General Manager

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