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(To establish a process to allow owners to modify permits that has been previously issued. To permit change requests for Minor Change Requests and Major Change Requests) 
(The proposed Financial Oversight Committee would act as an arm of the Board and help the Board and Manager set reasonable financial performance guidelines.  Adhering to a budget is a given and regularly monitored goals specific to financial performance have not been fully developed.  This committee oversight will allow for an additional level of financial transparency)
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Need Help with Fire Protection around your Home?
Posted on Feb 21st, 2020
“What can I do to protect my home and property from wildfire?’
 “Where is the safest location for my woodpile?”
“What kind of vegetation trimming would improve fie safety around my property?”
“How can I improve fire safety and still meet the requirements of HPMA Rules?”
If these and other questions are on your mind, the Fire Safety Committee might be able to help. First, we need your input.
Please respond to the following questions.
1.  Would you like to receive free consultation to improve fire safety around your home and property? (Yes or No)
2.  What questions do you need help with?
Please send your responses to adviseyourfsc@gmail.com
If sufficient numbers of owners are interested, the Fire Safety Committee will move ahead to plan a program to help.
Thank you, 
HPMA Fire Safety Committee
Fire Safety Budget Vote Passes
Posted on Feb 14th, 2020
Here are the results from the Reconvened Meeting of the Association on February 8, 2020 (reconvened from December 21, 2019) to vote/ratify the 2020 Natural Resources-Fire Safety Budget and that would increase the 2020 Annual Assessment greater than 3 percent.
                      FOR          AGAINST          ABSTAIN 
        Results:   201                53                  3    
The vote total was 4/5 in favor which exceeded the 2/3 requirement established by the board, and the quorum threshold was exceeded. The vote passed.
Stefan Birgh, General Manager
Hartstene Pointe Maintenance Association
...People Making A Difference...
Posted on Jan 27th, 2020
...People Making A Difference...
There are many residents, with umbrellas and rain gear, who still light up our roads with their ready smiles and upbeat attitudes! 
On a wet gray day, that is so inspiring!  Thank You!
-  Some of you are not bothered (too much) by the rain and you continue to keep our trails looking good!  Thank You!
-As you walked in the clubhouse during the holidays, did you notice the great decorating?  There were a few willing and able people
who made the clubhouse look festive and inviting!  Thank You!!
-Getting the second voting packets ready and set for mailing required many hands.  For those of you who were willing to staple,
stuff, and stamp…Thank You!!!!

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