The Role of Committees at the Pointe
Many people at the Pointe volunteer to serve on committees to help the community in various ways.
Board Advisory Committees

Board Advisory Committees
Our Bylaws make provision for the Board to appoint advisory committees, sometimes called Standing Committees.  These committees are expected to be in operation for an extended period of time, and have on-going responsibilities and charges from the Board.
The Bylaws contain the following stipulations:
  • Operating Procedures
  • Authority
  • Duration
For Each Committee:
  • Membership requirements
  • Scope of Responsibility
Ad-Hoc Committees
These committees are sometimes established by the Board for a limited time and/or purpose, and sometimes simply emerge on their own.
Examples are shown at the right ... and do not include a myriad of groups and committees that form for certain purposes and then disband when that purpose is achieved.
Ad Hoc Committees

Travel Club
Short-Term Rental
... and others that come & go