Disaster Preparedness Committee Charter
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Committee-Specific Purposes and Objectives:
The primary purpose of this committee is to research and define an Emergency Operating Plan (EOP) adapted specifically for Hartstene Pointe based on FEMA Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) guidelines and to advise the Board on steps for implementing such an emergency plan. 
In order to fulfill this responsibility, the Committee shall, among other things:
  1. Communicate regularly with Hartstene Pointe membership on their responsibilities for emergency preparation.
  2. Provide opportunities for volunteers to train for specific roles that might be needed in an emergency.
  3. Make recommendations to the Board regarding coordination of  preparations and activities before and during an emergency.  
  4. Recommend the set up and maintenance of a command center for use during an emergency including radio equipment and group supplies. Recommend protocols for water protection, sewage control, search and rescue, triage, evacuation, and other community support efforts. 
  5. Make budget recommendations to the Board of Directors to implement and sustain the Hartstene Pointe Emergency Operating Plan.