First Few Years
VIGNETTES: The first few years
Your Island Is Calling:  Marketing the Pointe
Hartstene Pointe originally was a 215 acre tree farm owned by Weyerhaeuser.  It was developed as a recreation community in 1971 shortly after the bridge to the island was completed.
Quadrant of Bellevue was hired by Weyerhaeuser to become their advertising arm.  No expense was spared in marketing Hartstene Pointe. Their enticements included weekend Island House stays, barbeques, boat trips from Seattle, helicopter and horse and buggy rides around the property. Initially only the road to the clubhouse and to Promontory were paved.  If rain was forecast you were advised to wear your “wellies.” 
The salesmen were young, brash and persuasive.  Early residents tell stories about midnight frolics by the poolside and skinny dipping.  Their marketing pitch was considered avant-garde for that period and aimed at the white collar worker from Washington and Oregon.  A blimp flew over Seattle advertising the project.
The buyers were thought to be elitist by the islanders and the term, “the Pointers” was coined.  Privacy signs were posted on the beaches and intruders were banned. 
Quadrant’s coined slogan was “Your Island is Calling.”  You were induced to buy your home away from home.  In the salesmen’s lingo, they “Netted their catch” at the gate; their sales office was called “Captured,” and the final deeds were drawn up in what is now the security house which became known as “Gotcha.”