Volunteers Needed for Several HPMA Committees
Posted on Mar 10th, 2022

for several HPMA Committees
Would you like to make a difference for the
Pointe Community?
Committees usually meet monthly and serve as an advisory role to the
Board of Directors.
Volunteers are needed for the following committees:
Permit Review Committee:
  • PRC evaluates building and vegetation management proposals submitted by lot owners for review. Applications are reviewed and site visits as necessary.
  • They write summations with recommendations follows established rules and guidelines to the BOD
Fire Safety:
  • Fire Safety Committee meets monthly to discuss and promote fire safety in our community. 
  • They provide information, input and recommendations to the board concerning fire and the management of fire risk.
  • They educate and raise community awareness of the risk of fire.
  • They maintain our communities membership as a Firewise community.
HP Disaster Preparedness:
  • The primary purpose of the HPEPC is to inform owners at Hartstene Pointe of their responsibilities for preparation in a number of possible future emergencies which might affect them and their visitors to the Pointe and Harstine Island.  
  • The HPEPC updates the Board of Directors regarding opportunities to prepare for emergency situations, including opportunities to obtain materials & supplies as well as to train volunteers and staff for support roles.
The remaining committees are listed below if you have
interest in their responsibilities:
(Refer to the Bylaw's for complete purposes of the committees)
Moorage Committee
Island House Committee
Common Area Stewardship Committee
Recreation Committee
Pea Patch Committee
News Letter Committee
If you are interested in serving on these Committees,
Contact the Office
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