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Posted on Jun 26th, 2021

People always think that it’s someone else
who will do something stupid.
We need, ALL OF US, to be thinking about our actions this summer and to be very cautious and very aware of how normal family fun or neighborly socializing could turn into a fire. Have fun safely this summer by being very, very cautious with fire!
The following is information about fires in Mason County and tips for summer fire safety: 
Most fires on Hartstene Island start inside a house. This is a largely ignored reality, yet it’s the biggest danger. If a house is on fire then, obviously, that fire will communicate to the trees. If there is a wind, the airborne burning debris could ignite the dry material on the roofs of downwind houses. Here at the Pointe, the closest thing we’ve ever had to a serious fire started with a towel on a wall-mounted towel rack over a wall-mounted heater.
The first defense of your home—and the homes of your neighbors—is: Don’t set your house on fire. Do you know where your fire extinguisher is? Do you know how to use it? Do you have reception for your cell phone at your house? If not, how are you going to call the fire department? Have you made the interior of your house fire safe?
Under normal summer conditions, fires outside of the home in Mason Co start in open areas of dried-out grass and weeds or scotch broom. Fires are usually less than five acres and actually slow down when they reach the trees.  Here at the Pointe our outdoor fire history includes two grass fires at the North Beach picnic area, one from a firework, and one unknown, though likely a cigarette. Both fires were put out by owners.
That’s a somewhat reassuring history; however, there are still lots of ways for people to start fires could that communicate to a house by way of sparks igniting dry debris on the roof or communicate to greenbelt plant life by way of flames. Carelessness with a BBQ, for example.
Some Summer Safety Tips:
·     Don’t be an idiot (:D)
·     Clean the dry debris off your roof. According to Matt Provencher, DNR forester and firefighter, the way a fire will spread here is roof to roof. This makes sense because the most flammable material out here, besides dry grass, is the stuff that’s been dehydrating under the sun on your roof.
·     Only do outdoor BBQ’s on a cement or gravel surface—not your deck, not your yard, and not under a tree! Have your garden hose out handy.
·     Educate your kids on fire danger.
·     NO, NO, NO fireworks!
·     Don’t use equipment—such as skill saws—which can set off sparks if you are near dry grass or dry ground litter.
·     Landlords, please make sure your tenants are prepared to follow Pointe rules and burn bans.
·     Focus summer fun on activities that are wet and cold: swimming, boating, eating ice cream. Save the campfires and BBQ’s for the cool season.
·     See something, say something right away. Report unsafe behavior with fire immediately. Our security staff can’t do anything about an unsafe event if it is reported a week after the fact.  
·     Don’t smoke in the common area which include the Trails and Beaches, Picnic Areas and DON'T THROW CIGARETTE BUTTS out of the window of your car!
Please help keep the Pointe SAFE
from fire this summer and HAVE FUN!
Thank you,
Fire Safety and Common Area Stewardship Committees
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