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ALERTSENSE A Warning System for Fire & other Emergencies at HPMA
Posted on Jun 23rd, 2020

A Warning System for Fire & other Emergencies at HPMA 
Free registration via Mason County - 
Receive emergency text message alerts of fire & evacuation orders
The HPMA BOD strongly recommends that all residents register [Their cell phones, email & Hartstene Pointe address]  with the Mason County AlertSense system for emergency notifications relating to firestorm and other major disaster events. 
Register at: 
The loss of life last year during the California firestorm was a wake up call for communities that do not have an emergency alert system. Many California residents perished because they had inadequate warning of the impending fire. 
HPMA does not have a practical method to alert everyone when local fire marshals order an evacuation.  Our patrol officer will not have time, to notify each family.  HPMA cannot be responsible for notifying every owner or renters of fire or other disaster.  
Your online registration [at the above link] authorizes Mason County to send a text message to your mobile phone when our community is threatened by disaster. 
At a minimum have everyone in your home with a mobile phone register for AlertSense & remember to check the boxes for Fire and Harstine Island. 
You may also request warnings for other life & property threatening events,  like high winds, winter storms, thunderstorms  tornadoes,  etc. 
Homes with a dedicated land line are automatically enrolled.  However residents with land lines should still register their mobile phone for when they are away from the home landline but still in the area. 
Landlords should strongly consider providing a local land line so their short-term renters [whose cell phones will not likely be in the system]  may be informed if a fire evacuation is ordered.
Remember if you don’t register, your cell phone & alert preferences, you will not receive a warning of impending fire and your family will be at risk.   
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