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Storage Renewals Due by December 31.
Posted on Nov 3rd, 2018


It’s that time of year for RV, Utility, Boat, Kayak and Canoe Storage renewals.

  The deadline is NO LATER than December 31st.


Storage here in the Pointe is very affordable, convenient, appreciated and much sought after. Because we have waiting lists for all the storage areas, we are asking you to please renew by the deadline.

Because of such high demand, we cannot guarantee renewal after the deadline of December 31 and will issue permitted storage to those on the waiting lists.

Storage is available for those who actively use their vessels and are in good working order. (Storage is not intended for derelict, non-functioning vehicles).

A new storage agreement needs to be filled out every year and a copy of the current state boat registration (if applicable) included. The forms are available on the web site and in the clubhouse next to the office window. You will be given a 2019 Permit Sticker and needs to be applied on your stored item(s) at the time of the renewal.


If you cannot turn in the agreements in person, you can mail them in. Permit Stickers will be available to pick up in the office. However, you still need to apply the Permit Sticker(s) on the vessels by the December 31st deadline. Special arrangement can be made with Patrol to have the permit stickers applied for you if you cannot be here.


We would like to see 100% compliance in 2019.


Thank you

Comment By: Michael Greenlee
Posted on Dec 18, 2018

Mona Greenlee here. I urged my husband vigorously to comply after reading this, we were dismayed to hear there were no stickers available and no anticipated date of arrival. This notice obviously jumped the gun.