Pea Patch
Pea Patch Community Garden
Pea Patch Story
In 2006, several property owners had a vision to start a pea patch garden. They thought the horse shoe pit behind the tennis court near the clubhouse would be sunny and was partially fenced.
The horse shoe pit was relocated to the North Beach (made sense to be in a picnic area) and several property owners had pancake breakfasts to raise funds for the new fencing. About half of the funds were raised that first Spring and the remainder raised by requiring a $50 first time fee and a yearly $25 fee, to pay for the cedar plank plot borders and the soil.
The second year we spread gravel because the area was muddy in the spring and added a bulletin board for communicating. Some people leave left over seeds for others to use pinned to the board, which is a nice surprise!
The garden, which we named “Garden of Weedin", has been a joy to many of us, providing fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, birds, and butterflies! Hope you can join us, drop by and take a look around late July and August when it is in full bloom!

Pea Patch lessees must begin cultivating their plot no later than April 1. If not in compliance, the lease will be null and void and the plot will be issued to another owner or Registered Occupant. If such event occurs there will be no refunds issued for rent paid.
Lessee shall comply with posted pea patch rules. Failure to comply will result in a written notice to comply within two weeks. If Lessee remains non-compliant plot will be forfeited and the lease will be null and void and there will be no refunds issued for rent paid.

$25 per plot annually and is on a first come, first served basis. The previous year’s gardeners are given first right of refusal in renewing the same plot. If there is more plots than interested parties, people can request 2nd plots. 
Plots are a premium and usually there are more people interested in getting a plot than there are available. A waiting list is
maintained in the office.

Contact Us
If you are interested in obtaining a plot or have any questions about our the Pea Patch Garden please email the HPMA office at
Hartstene Pointe Pea Patch garden is for growing and harvesting flowers, vegetables and herbs by our property owners, and for starting erosion control plants for re-planting in the Pointe’s Common Area.
· Illegal plants or noxious weeds are not permitted.
· Planting corn is prohibited as it attracts raccoons.
· Pea patch planter boxes (plots) shall not be modified by lessee.
· Soil is replaced by those using the plots, as needed.
· Please respect the rights of the other garden plots and help prevent damage to their plants.
· Plants should not exceed 6 feet to avoid shading the nearest plots.
· Organic gardening is encouraged; however, slug bait may be used. Diatomaceous earth aids in pest control.
· Children under 12 years must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
· Dogs and other pets are not allowed inside the garden.
· Smoking/Vaping and loud music is prohibited.
· The garden will be kept free of litter and garden debris. At the end of a growth cycle, gardeners are required to remove unused tomato wire cages, stakes, etc. A trash can is provided but not regularly emptied. Whenever possible take your debris directly to the dumpster.
· Gardeners with unattended plots (heavy weeds or rotting plants) will be notified in writing to correct the problem.
· Gardeners are asked to keep the aisles around their plots free of weeds and grass.
· As a courtesy to neighboring homes hours of operation for the pea patches shall be 8 am to dusk.