Ad Hoc Pool Committee
The ad hoc Advisory 2021 Pool Reopening Committee was formed to address how to safely operate the Harstene Pointe pool and facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can view the committee's charter here.
Suggested changes include:
  • Separate exit from the entrance
  • Installing outdoor showers
  • Expansion of pool deck on the far side of the pool
  • Create exit only doors in the restrooms
  • Relocate the vending machine
  • Limiting pool capacity
  • Limiting bathroom occupancy
  • Removal/rearrangement of full furniture
  • Limiting pool toys/games
  • Cleaning of surfaces after use
  • Additional pool monitors
  • Adjustment of pool schedule
  • New signage
  • Development of a pool reservation system
*Read the full details of the committee's suggested changes in the committee meeting notes below.
Committee Members:
Steve Rockey, Chair
Terry Fritz
Kaylee McDonald
Patty Kreemer
Debbie Wood
2021 Pool Reopening Committee Meeting Notes