Natural Resources-Fire Safety
Issue and Action 
In response to owners concerns of increasing fire danger throughout 2018 and 2019 that occurred with two fires on the island last summer, HPMA owners asked the Board to take preventive action. The Board of Directors has established a fund dedicated to mitigating fire risk on HPMA common lands. 
The adopted fund will also address components of the HPMA comprehensive Natural Resources Stewardship Plan. Read this link for More About it!
How does this initiative address current budget gaps for fire hazard mitigation?
Traditionally HPMA budgets contain a budgeted item for "Hazard Tree Removal". However, this budgeted item per HPMA Policy 4.04 addresses only those trees which represent a fall danger to a target (home, other structure, driveway, parking area, roadway), and does not address fire danger.
  Three existing committees are acting as a steering committee for developing and implementing the Natural Resources-Fire Safety (NRSF) plans. Click on  links below to read more about the charter and activities of each committee
Community Questions and Input 
  If you have suggestions, comments or questions click link below:
Results from the 2020 community budget vote showed very strong support with a 79% approval for dedicated funding for the Natural Resources-Fire Safety (NRSF) assessment. The funding of this assessment is separate from the General Operating fund and the monies cannot be used for any other purpose. The assessment will remain in effect through the year 2024 with annual funding review adjustments. Read this link for More About the adopted Assessment Resolution. 
Archives and Reference Documents
Tri Committee Agendas:
Tri Committee Meeting Minutes:
2021 Funding
Funding for 2021 addresses 6 components of HPMA Common Area and Owner Properties, for fire risk reduction and forest health improvement:
1. Dead Debris and Ladder Fuel Reduction- $26,000
2. Water Truck Acquisition- $15,000
3. Dead Tree Removal and Restoration-$11,250
4. Prescriptive Tree Removal-$2,500
5. Small Dead Tree Removal-$2,000
6. Invasive Species Removal-$750
Total Plan = $57,500
Knowledge Center 
To read more about forest management, fire control and resource protection:

Dead Tree Removal
Dear Pointe Owners,
Dead trees are scheduled to be removed from the locations listed below. Owners may request that a tree be retained as a wildlife snag or left uncut. To comment send an email by the link under “Your Comments, Questions, and Suggestions.”
Portage Rd.
On the stem road off Portage which includes 692, 690, and 688:
  • 692 between the house and the stem road on right is one large dead hardwood. Ribbons are hard to see
  • 690 Look to right of driveway two mid size dead trees deep in the huckleberries Go to house and go to left side and there are two more.
  • One large cedar tree on stem road across from driveway to 690
  • 688 one large cedar opposite side of parking area from house.
On stem road off Portage leading to 682:
  • 680, Go behind house. Two large trees leaning toward house. Could be hazard trees but also dead so could be NR/FS trees.
  • Two large cedars right by stem road leading to 682
Portage Rd.
  • Across the street from 657 three trees
  • On Portage, 666, right hand side as you go toward PDW on edge of ditch marked with ribbons tied to huckleberries one dead tree
PDW in area of island houses.
  • Across the street from 673 near where we took two out last year two more
  • On 673 side in area between PDW and island houses six from last year plus five more—at least. There’s so many that it is hard to keep count
  • 685 go down stem road to newly cleared lot. Three trees
  • Across the street at 685 by Island houses two cedars
  • 597 Go in stem road at 597 and look for golden brown house on the right. Go to back yard. Six trees ranging in size from ten in to four in. The huckleberries are so tall that I could not mark some of them and the tags are hard to see on the ones I did mark.
  • 590 one dead hemlock
  • 556 one dead hemlock
  • 567 right by road one seven inch dead hemlock
  • 579 right by road one hemlock and two alders. Please leave logs on ground and make snags if possible. If snags can’t be made, then leave the larger alder and just remove the smaller one that is leaning.
  • 215 Two madronas and one hemlock go around Island House to water side Trees are on edge of the ravine
Liberty Rd.
  • 114 Two large trees right by road nearest owner would like trees to be topped, not cut down completely
  • In median one large tree
  • To right as you leave on exit side one small dead deciduous tree
  • Entry side between Water/sewer house and road one small, one large and one split stem where the largest part of the stem should definitely be removed.
  • West of Water/Sewer house two trees
  • 651 drive up stem road to where it splits, look to the right. One big cedar.
  • Between 651 PDE and Pitcairn Place, deep in the greenbelt, assessable from the first Pitcairn driveway, are two dead big leaf maples both leaning onto another tree. These two trees might be on private property.
  • Between PDE 417 and 419 downed cedar
2020 Planned Activities 
Dead Tree Removal Project!
November 14, 2020 Dead Tree Financial Summary
77 trees  located in the common area were removed or topped during July 2020. The planned budget expected to only allow 55 trees for removal. However, with the salvaging of downed trees and sharing with the contractor the resulting milled lumber brought the total project cost in under budget at $23,573 vs. a plan of $24,300. A shout out to our general manager, Stefan Birgh and Tom Thyer for making this project a great success.
2020 Dead Debris Roadside Pick Up Complete!
November 14, 2020 Debris Pick up Financial Summary
Thanks to the community volunteers and homeowners who brought dead debris and tree limbs to the roadside for pickup. 
The final numbers are in and the debris collection project came in substantially under budget. Final actual cost of $15,516 came in at 67% of planned cost of $23,000. 
Invasive Species Removal
Scotch Broom and Tansy ragwort, pictured above are two of the targeted species for monitoring . If you would like to volunteer for monitoring presences of these invasive species, click on this link. Volunteers