Long Range Planning
Committee Charter
Capital Reserve items for 2022:
  • Bulkhead repair as needed. $5,600
  • South beach bathroom will be spruced up as needed. $11,000
  • Boat launch repair. $19,100
  • Spit dock replacement. $50,000
  • Spit shelter. A new structure will be built either this year or next year. $65,000
  • The office network replacement scheduled for this year is postponed because replacement is not needed yet
  • The Kabota tractor will probably not be replaced this year. It is still functional, the cost of a new one is very high, and the trade in value is low.
  • Roads and ditches. The Water Sewer District is still working on the engineering, timing, and funding of their part of the plan. The major elements of the HPMA resurfacing project will be done after the Water Sewer District work.
Fund Contribution from Dues $114,976
Total Expenses Budgeted
Budgeted Net for 2022 ($79,634)
Planned Expenses as of 3/1/2022 $150,700
Washington State Law - Capital Reserve Accounts
2022 Draft Capital Reserve Study
2021 Capital Reserve Plan

2015 Capital Reserve Plan
Marina Dock Replacement
Island House Maintenance

Long Range Planning Tele-meeting Agenda
Wed April 6 at 2:00 pm by Zoom
Update Progress for Capital Reserve Items. 
2012 Capital Reserve Plan
2009 Review of 2007 Plan
2007 Capital Reserve Plan
Laura Koerber, Chair,
Jim Anderson, Pat Guiton,
Dale McDaniel, and Frank Rowland
Steve Rockey, BOD Liaison
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