Long Range Planning
Committee Charter
Second Friday of the Month at 1:00 pm
Fund Contribution $85,849
-- Park Bathrooms - South beach $10,650
-- Roads
-- Boat Launches - repair/replace
-- Bulkhead Repair
-- Spit Dock - repair/replace $ 50,000
-- Maintenance Bldg Roof
Total Expenses
Expected Net for 2021 ($26,511)
Washington State Law - Capital Reserve Accounts
2021 Capital Reserve Plan

2015 Capital Reserve Plan
Marina Dock Replacement
Island House Maintenance

Long Range Planning Telemeeting Agenda
Friday, January 15th at one o’clock
1. Discuss our current Reserve report.
         Go over with Stefan those Reserve items scheduled for this year
         Anything anyone wants to comment on or questions
2. Plan for on-site visit by Ms. Ord and discuss any changes or updating of Reserve
    Add water truck?
    Add new exercise equipment?
    Anything else to add?
    Are we comfortable with the high risk rating that we are going to have for many years    in the future?
3. The Martig Report—If we have it by the meeting we can discuss it. Otherwise, I think we should discuss how to encourage Ken to finish up. 
Inventory of damaged and/or blocked culverts. The culverts are not a Reserve item but their maintenance does relate to roads so I volunteered to do an inventory. I hope to have an update to report.
2012 Capital Reserve Plan
2009 Review of 2007 Plan
2007 Capital Reserve Plan
Laura Koerber, Chair,
Jim Anderson, Roy Ferguson, Pat Guiton,
Dale McDaniel, and Frank Rowland
Steve Rockey, BOD Liaison
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Laura Koerber, Chair