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Meeting Time:  Monthly, 4th Thursday, at 7:00 pm, one week after Saturday BOD  Meeting
Meeting Place: Currently by Zoom
CASC Charter
Hartstene Pointe
Native Planting Guide

The Common Area Stewardship Committee (CASC) has developed a list of western native plants that are adaptable to the different areas on the Pointe, with a focus on fire resistance, wildlife habitat, our unique soils, as well as the ability to withstand increasing summer heat and drought events. 
Plants native to our area have developed over thousands of years to adapt to mineral soils, and a cool Mediterranean climate (mild wet winters and warm dry summers). When properly situated and established, native plants require little to no watering, pruning, fertilizing or pesticides. Some do well in shade while others prefer sunnier locations. Many can survive dry conditions where others are adapted to riparian habitats or standing water, as found throughout the Pointe. 
Landscaping requires a permit issued by HPMA per Article III of our Rules. We are a planned community based on a natural environment harmonious with the existing vegetation native to Hartstene Pointe. Landscaping should be designed to blend and/or complement the natural environment. 
The CASC charter includes the encouragement of community members in projects that promote the preservation and enjoyment of our natural spaces. If you would like assistance with your planting ideas, please contact the committee through our HPMA website. 
Click this link for the complete, downloadable  Native Plant Guide
Recent Postings
Climate Adaptation Plan
Section 1 : Drainage and Erosion
Section 2 : Forest Resiliency 
Purple Martin Birdhouse Proposal
Dogwood Project
Big Leaf Maple Project
Big Tree Trail Destination Project
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The Common Area Stewardship Committee (CASC) was formed by the board on December 15, 2012.
Chair: Paul Murphy (email:
Co-Chair: Laura Koerber(email:
Members:  Art Eash, Carolyn Vivian
Alternate Members: Eric Bode, Donna DeCew

Agendas of Previous Meetings
No August 2018 CASC mtg.  Joint Fire Safety-CASC Mtg. on Sept 1.  See notes under Minutes Section.
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JULY 2012
(printed copy available in the office)
(approved for posting, but not endorsed by the NRC)
Addendum to 6/23/12 Comprehensive Natural Resource Stewardship Plan :
Climate Adaptation Plan
Approximately 9 years ago the Natural Resource Committee (NRC) finalized the Comprehensive Natural Resource Stewardship Plan, in order to “provide a sound foundation for resource stewardship that reflects our shared desire to preserve forest, wildlife, aquatic, and shoreline resources for their own sake, our own enjoyment and the enjoyment of future generations.” The following year, the Common Areas Stewardship Committee (CASC) was formed, as the successor the the NRC, with an emphasis on implementing projects to preserve and enhance the common areas consistent with the recommendations in the stewardship plan.
The purpose of this addendum is to recommend updates to the stewardship plan which account for the impacts of climate change on our forests, bluffs, beaches, and shoreline infrastructure.
This proposal will present findings and recommendations to the Board and owners in 3 areas: Drainage and Erosion; Forest Resiliency; and Habitat and Wildlife. In each area we will describe vulnerable assets, potential impacts from climate change, and possible mitigations.
The link to Sections I  and II are below.
Approved 7/17/21
Approved 8/21/21
Minutes of Previous Meetings
No November, 2017 meeting. Nootka Rose Planting
No December, 2017 meeting.
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No December, 2018 meeting
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Minutes_May 25,2019
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Chair:        Paul Murphy
Co-Chair:   Laura Koerber 
Members:  Art Eash, Carolyn Vivian
Alternate Members: Eric Bode, Donna DeCew
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