Permit Review
Committee Charter
The regular meeting of PRC is held in the Board Room the first week of each month at 9 AM.  Cut-off for submitting Permit Applications is no later than noon the Friday before the next scheduled meeting. Meeting dates may vary. Check calendar for dates. During periods with higher permit request activity additional PRC meetings may be called.
It is the goal of PRC to make this necessary permit application process as user-friendly and as efficient for all as possible. Your suggestions are always welcomed.
Thank you, Permit Review Committee
Permit Review Agenda
PRC Meetings:
January 2019_1/3
February 2019_1/29
March 2019_2/26
April 2019_4/4
May 2019_5/2
June 2019_5/30
July 2019_7/2
August 2019_8/1
September 2019_9/5
October 2019_10/3
November 2019_10/31
December 2019_12/5

Permit Review Process:
  1. To submit a permit application for those specific Pointe activities which require a permit, select and complete the appropriate permit application form from the forms below. Forms are also available in the wall rack beside the office window in the club house.
  2. Provide as much detail as possible including a sketch showing details, measurements, and survey marker locations, photos with notations and any other information that will help clarify your request.
  3. Deliver or mail the completed form and application fee to the HPMA office.
  4. The office will post the application in the clubhouse and on the website for ten days, and notify neighbors by mail when appropriate. 
  5. The permit application will be reviewed at the next PRC meeting and may include a site visit by PRC.
  6. The PRC recommendations for each permit application are then presented to the Board of Directors for action. Any concerns or objections as a result of the ten-day posting period or neighbor notification will be taken into consideration in decisions rendered.
  7. Permit status letters are then sent to each applicant by the General Manager.
Minutes of Past Meetings
Permit Forms
Paul Murphy     Chair
Zig Staszak      Regular member
Carol Nordling  Alternate member
Buzz Herman   BOD Liaison
Allen Gard       Regular Member
Cindy Kew       Alternate Member
Contact Us
If you have questions about the application process or the various forms please ask at the office in person, by telephone or by email.
(360) 426-2300