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About the Travel Club
The Hartstene Pointe Travel Club was established in 1996 to provide a means to meet, plan and participate in group travel. 
Membership is open to adults (21 and older) who live at the Pointe, on the Island, or in the nearby communities. 
Activities include trips to nearby venues and restaurants, overnight excursions generally in the North West, and member meetings where we gather for food and fellowship. 
Joining Travel Club is a great way to meet your neighbors and to see the beautiful area in which we live.
Annual dues are $10.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact the membership chair.
Hartstene Pointe Travel Club
2020-2021 Board of Directors :
            Pete Butkus                            360-426-3043
            Don Rogers                             360-426-6193
Vice President:
            Larry Wendt                           360-432-2824
            Judy Graff                               360-427-0647
            Tammy Rosbach                     360-426-3991
            Bob McKibbin                         360-791-1949
            Kathy Wendt                          360-432-2824
Dine Out & Entertainment:
            Mona Greenlee                      360-426-1245
            Joy Thyer                                970-216-9705
Travel Coordinator:
            Doni Matthews                      619-507-8806
Newsletter Editor:
            Bob Vivian                              360-432-5915
Co-Membership Chair:
            Michael Greenlee                   360-426-1245
            Don Rogers                             360-426-6193
Sunshine Chair:
            Dianne Whipple                     360-427-0700