Our Story
Collective Memories
One upon a time their were four wannabe historians hit by the depressing thought that most of the original residents from the 1970s had left for one reason or another.  As their numbers dwindled, so did the sources of the oral history of the beginnings of Hartstene Pointe. 
A plan was made to locate them and listen to their stories.  To support, at times contradictory accounts, but some memories clear as a bell and other foggy in the details, they gleamed through the archives of board meetings, newsletters, correspondence, personal letters, law suits.
Did You Know?
  • Water rates in 1972 were $1 per month for undeveloped lots, $2 for lots with homes. 
  • Sewer was $1 per lot and $5 for a home.
  • Dues were $8 a month. 
  • Taxes were 1.13% of market value.
These are their stories:
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The Pointe of Caring
by Suzanne Bonciolini
“Welcome to Fantasy Island”:
a history of real estate and real people at Hartstene Pointe through the eyes of Walt Tupper, one of the “original settlers.”
Rick & Peggy Johnson
Thad & Liz Thomas's Tale
(as reported by Fiona Leslie)
To the Point(e)
How we came to live at the Pointe
Suzanne Bonciolini
Laura St. George - Feb 2015
Robert Scarola's Memorial Poem
"There is No Leaving" - Jan Avery