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This website is designed with several objectives:
  • Serve the governance of the Pointe
  • Provide new services to our residents, especially for those who do not live here full-time
  • Publish announcements and up-to-date information about what's happening, upcoming events, etc.
  • Provide a repository for key reports, minutes, and other documents from the HPMA Board and committees.
  • Distribute the responsibility for editing and maintaining the pages on this site to those most-closely involved with those pages.
Setting up your account
  - Gain access to interactive features and Owner Directory
  -  Receive personalized messages from HPMA
Calendar of Events:  call the office to add an event
Schedule an Event at HPMA facilities
Submit forms online
  -  Currently available:  Work Orders, Gate
     Card requests, Email Blast signup, Renter Information
Contractors & Vendors
  -  Add your recommendations & ratings
  -  Add your comments to existing listings
Classifieds:  post your own ad
Photo Gallery:  post your best pictures
Property Owners Directory:  view or download
Home Owners' User Manual
  -  Getting things done at the Pointe
  -  Links to useful services and information
  -  Ask a question:  how do I ... ?
Your Involvement
There are a number of new services now available on-line for your use.  See the list of new features.
We welcome suggestions for new pages, features, content for this website.  Contact the webmaster with your ideas.
We also welcome people willing to assume responsibility to maintain particular pages on the site.  It's easy to do, and will insure those pages are kept up-to-date.  Contact the webmaster.


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Website Administration
Todd Coward
Editors for specific pages  (updated 8/30/20)
Pam Lynn - Board, PRC, Home Page
Dan Hrehov -  Moorage
Paul Murphy - CASC
Greg Swett - Island House
Todd Coward - Long Range Planning
Geoff Swett - Recreation
Al Gard - Tri-Committee, Permit Review
Greg Feldman/Jim States - Disaster Preparedness
Other Pages & Sections
Heidi Owen - Fire Safety, Trails, Wildlife, Pea Patch
Larry Wendt - Homes for Sale, Classifieds
Pam Lynn - Admin, Office, Patrol, Calendar, others
Ann Dagle - Book Group
Caroline Vivian - Real Estate Perspectives
Doug McGraw - Harbormaster, Marina