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Hartstene Pointe Park Restrooms Opening
Monday June 29 
Please read and be familiar with the sign that will be at the restrooms regarding usage:
Read This Notice Carefully Before Entering and/or
Using this Shared Amenity:
Use this Shared Restroom Only
at your Own Risk
  • These restrooms are only cleaned and disinfected once a day. HPMA will not and cannot guarantee your safety from the risk of disease.
  • Only one person should use the restroom at a time except when an adult is helping a child.
  • Exterior doors should remain open for ventilation.
  • The Hartstene Pointe Maintenance Association (HPMA) Board of Directors has determined to reopen this Shared Amenity (Amenity) for the convenience of HPMA Owners. But the Board can do so responsibly only if conditions are followed for the health and safety of all HPMA residents.
  • Therefore, by entering or using this Amenity, you are assumed and deemed to fully understand and agree to all of the following cautions and conditions of use.
  • The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 is extremely contagious and spreads by person-to-person contact; use of this Amenity may even further increase the risk of contagion for all users.
  • Despite the risks associated with Covid-19-which you acknowledge-you choose to use this Amenity, and by doing so you are deemed to fully assume the risk of injury, illness or death due to Covid-19 related to your use of this Amenity.
  • You acknowledge that you are familiar with current governmental guidelines from the State of Washington and the CDC for reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 such as wearing mask/face coverings, practicing safe social distancing from other persons, washing hands frequently or using hand sanitizers: You agree to practice these safety guidelines when using this Amenity.
  • The Association is not responsible for the conduct of persons using this Amenity and it can in no way guarantee the health and safety of those using it.
  • The Association is allowing use of this Amenity only if and so long as those using it agree to comply strictly with the restrictions in this notice and the Conditions.
  • If you use this Amenity, you are deemed to agree to these restrictions by your decision to use it.
  • The Association has adopted the restrictions in this notice to protect the health and safety of HPMA community members.
  • HPMA may close this common area amenity due to government restrictions or continuous misuse by our owners, tenants or guests.
  • You absolutely agree not to and will not enter or use this Amenity if you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms associated with Covid-19: fever, dry cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, unusual fatigue, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell.
  • You absolutely agree not to and will not enter or use this Amenity if you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and are not yet cleared as non-contagious by state or local public health authorities.
  • Wash your hands before leaving.
Thanks for your cooperation,
HPMA Management

Summary of Actions & Restrictions
  • Closures
    • Clubhouse - for now
    • Fitness Center - for now
    • Pool & Spa (all season)
  • Office Hours
    • Office is closed - phone & email are being monitored
    • Staff is working from home
  • Open - Outside Recreational Areas
    • Tennis & Basket ball courts
    • Playground
    • Spit/Fire Rings
    • Pea Patch
    • Picnic Shelters
    • Outside Bathrooms
  • Group Events
    • Max Size: 10
  • Board & Committee Meetings
    • Virtual Meetings Only
Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Lifespan of CoronaVirus

All HPMA meetings will be held via teleconferencing while "stay in place" orders are in effect.
Pam (HPMA Office) will set up meetings by request.  Contact her at the office (360-426-2300) or by email
Teleconferencing Platform:  (audio only)
How to Attend Teleconference Meetings:
Dial-in number (US): (719) 500-5726
Online meeting ID: hpma
Join the online meeting:
You can join by phone with the Dial-in-number or you can join with the link above on your PC, tablet etc. if it has a speaker and microphone.

In order to fully appreciate HPMA vistas, during social distancing mandates,
we suggest:
To enjoy quiet scenic spaces and maintain your health Follow the WA State Governor’s mandates for masks & social distancing.
To enjoy, hiking, paddling, jogging, cycling, boating Recreation may lead to injury. Your responsibility is: 1. to have an auto/home first aid kit with necessary, medications, thermometer, stop the bleed bandage materials & 2. to know First-Aid, CPR, AED & Stop the Bleeding skills.
To enjoy beaches & vistas Please pick up your trash. Don’t remove rock debris or burn the wood on the beach that protects our banks. No smoking anywhere.
To enjoy hiking designated trails. Please stay on trails & off the bluff, to reduce erosion.
To walk your pet Please pick up your pets poo & deposit in trash bin. Keep pet on leash except in designated areas. Prevent pet from violating the space of others without their permission.
To have campfire/barbecue at the spit Only when permitted by law, and in the provided containers. Be sure to extinguish coals completely with water before leaving. [Red buckets on post]
To enjoy Marina views from the dock
The dock will be replaced by boat & slip holders. The deck planking is old &
rough and it is easy to trip.
Kids & adults are encouraged to wear a PFD
[Personal Flotation Device]. Swimming in any Marina is dangerous due to stray
electrical current. Dock is slippery in wet weather and it’s easy to fall in.

Emergency water exit ladders are marked with yellow tape on pilings. Cleats for
securing boats, are not secure due to rotten wood planking. Please stay off the breakwater.
Enjoy seasonal storms at home Tree blow-down and/or power failure does occur in all seasons. Be prepared with extra food, water, camp stove, fuels, electric lanterns, batteries, headlamps, tarp & staple gun for damaged roof.
To relax in a quiet space away from the chaos of urban living If you enjoy loud music, please use a headset.
Enjoy driving around the Pointe At 15 Mph or less.
Enjoy cycling on our paved roads No motorized vehicles or bicycles off road.

Jim States
Greg Fellman
Todd Coward