Enjoy our trails -- through our major ravines, and along the east and west banks
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Bank erosion is an on-going problem.  Guard rails are meant to alert you to a dangerous area so please stay on the trail. Our maintenance people keep the trails trimmed, but there will always be roots across the trails and “little rolling rocks” to sit us down when we least expect it. We need to look after ourselves and take care as well as taking the time to enjoy the beauty of nature. The trails are clearly marked.  It is a good idea to bring water on all hikes and to have a companion with you.

Maps of the Hartstene Pointe Trails are available at the office for $3.00, and an updated trail map is found at the link above.


People have been seen riding Mountain Bikes on our trails.  
People and leashed dogs are allowed on the trails.
Per Article VI; Traffic Control Section 5.
No motor vehicle, bicycle or other self-propelled vehicle may be operated on any of the trails within the boundaries of Hartstene Pointe. There is a fine associated with is violation.
 Please inform your
family and guests of this rule.
Thank you
West Side Trail & Nature Trail       
This trail has more ups and downs than the trail on the east side and a walking stick may be useful if you feel unsure on steeper hills.  There are views of the Olympic Mountains on clear days which may entice you into hiking the river trails along Hood Canal.  Several houses have attractive plantings to enjoy.
Known as the Nature Trail, there are signs along the trail describing the various trees and vegetation that is common here at the Pointe.  This is a project of Jim Cary, resident and biologist
Download the Nature Trial Guide, or pick up a copy at the entrance to the trail, and leave it at the end.
Indian Cove Trail
To reach this trail you may park at the clubhouse and walk down Pointes Drive West to the trailhead.  Enjoy the beautiful ferny walk downhill to the bridge and across to the marina.  Bring a snack to eat as you sit and observe the marina at rest. To return, you may retrace your steps to the bridge, turn right and go up the hill to Promontory Road.  From there follow Promontory to the clubhouse.
East bank trail
East Bluff Trail:        
This is a mostly level trail which is soft and spongy under your feet.  It is open enough to see many forest and water birds and animals. The morning sunshine is a delight, and during the warmer seasons, one deck offers a view of wonderful roses.  
There are views across the water to Mount Rainier and benches to sit upon. The northern terminus of the East Bluff Trail accesses the spit or take Lagoon Trail to North Beach and pick up the West Bluff Trail
Cutty Sark & Nantucket Ravine Trails: 
Multiple access points along both Nantucket and Pointes Drive East access the Cutty Sark Ravine, South Lagoon and South Beach. 
This ravine area is as close to an "old-growth" environment as we have at the Pointe and whether your interest is forest ecology, hiking, birding, swimming, kayaking, or beach walking, these trails take you where you want to go
This trail setting is as close to an "old-growth" forest as we have, with old trees, moss, a creek. and little development.