The HPMA Facebook page is now up and running.
We encourage HPMA residents to take a look, and participate in the new
HPMA "social network"
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Purpose & Goals
The purpose of the Hartstene Pointe Facebook page is to provide homeowners, and guests another online venue to learn more about the Pointe and the ameneties offered. It serves as a platform for photos, questions, and friendly interaction.

People who have a personal Facebook page:

You have full privilages to view, post messages & photos, respond to messages, etc.

People who do not have a personal page:

You can view the page, with its postings, photos, etc., but cannot make any postings until you have set up your own Facebook page.

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Code of Conduct
These guidlines are simple and will help ensure that this page is a safe and welcoming place to exchange information and ideas. We thank you for your cooperation.
Disclaimer: Comments that are posted to this Facebook page are from individual owners. HPMA bears no responsibility for the content of these posts.

1. This page is for social interaction and exchange of information and ideas by users. Please treat others with respect and civility. No personal attacks—the Moderator reserves the right to remove offensive or inappropriate posts. If you find a post threatening or offensive, please contact the Moderator directly with a Message or respond at the bottom of the post in question.

2. For security purposes, please do not post any personal information about yourself or others such as address, phone number, email address, or financial information. Contact other individuals separately for such purposes. 

3. This page is PG-13, so please do not link to any sites that are pornographic, sexually explicit, or grossly violent.

4. Please abide by the Facebook Page for Rights and Responsibilities to keep the page safe. https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms

Contact Information

Shane Stewart is the Facebook page Manager and Moderator.  Contact him HERE by selecting FACEBOOK in the contact form.

Todd Coward has overall responsibility for both the HPMA website and Facebook page.  Contact him HERE by selecting WEBMASTER.
From the Webmaster
Please keep content and comments clean. We are all mature adults, and are potentially acting as an ambassador of the Pointe for visitors who may visit the page.