Renting Your Home
"Short Term Rental Properties
at Hartstene Pointe"
Renting Vacation/Short Term Rentals at Hartstene Pointe
may be in Violation of Stay-at-Home Health Order.
Under the stay-at-home health order from March 24 to April 6th, unless extended beyond this date, property owners of vacation and short term rental homes should stop providing services that invite people into Hartstene Pointe.
Vacation Rentals appear to be included as non-essential services. Several Washington State Counties have issued proclamations that support this interpretation. Booking a vacation rental at this time seems to be in direct violation of the March 23rd stay-at-home order from the Health Officer, as well as Governor Inslee's "Stay Home - Stay Healthy" proclamation that went into effect on March 25 at midnight.
If you currently have tenants in a vacation rental or home, HPMA is not recommending they leave early, however, renters and owners must comply with the stay-at-home order that states all public gatherings of any number of people are prohibited, unless performing essential tasks.
HPMA asks that your short term tenants or guests return to their place of residence as soon as your rental booking is over. They should 'stay-at-home' in their place of residence.
All Hartstene Pointe short term rentals and vacations should be canceled during the Stay-at-Home order and re-booked for a later date.
Rand Herman, BOD President
Stefan Birgh, General Manager
Information for Owners offering their homes to Guests
Many owners offer their homes to family members, friends, or renters
for short-term or long-term periods.

This page provides information in one location
that pertains to your responsibilities when doing this,
and to help make visits comfortable and enjoyable.
Information in our Governing Documents
CC&R's establish the rights for owners to rent their property,
ubject to any HPMA Rules & Regulations.
R&Rs establish the responsibility of owners and tenants for the
conduct of their guests.

Article IX, Sections 1 & 2.

Community Information which apply to Rentals & Guests
(Approved by HPMA Board - 2019)
Overview of Recommendations
Letter from Ad-Hoc committee to HPMA owners who rent their homes.
Advertising Guidance
When you advertise your home for rental, please observe the guidelines in this document.
Hartstene Pointe Rules
Provide this document to your guests, to insure their understanding and compliance.
Hartstene Pointe Amenities Available to Guests
This is an excellent document to provide to your renters.  Download/Print.
Gate Entry Options & Guest Registration
How to let your guests into the Pointe, and registration form
Note: registration of your guests with the Office is recommended, but not required
Emergency Contacts and Phone Numbers
Also an excellent reference to provide to your guests.
Disaster Response (Wildfire, Earthquake)
If a disaster strikes, this information will be extremely valuable to your guests
Map of Hartstene Pointe
You can print this out on 2 pages for your guest's use and enjoyment

Fire Safety
We have a Fire Safety form that any owner can download, fill it out with the pertinent information about their home, and then provide it to their guests.   Download Fire Safety Form
We also have a Fire Safety Poster -- download, print, and post where your guests or renters will find it.