Volunteer Awards
Each year, the Board selects people to receive two awards:
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Special Recognition -- for long-time service
These people are recognized at the HPMA Annual Meeting, and on the Plaques in the Clubhouse
Year Volunteer of the Year Special Recognitions
2020 Al Gard Jim Anderson
2019 Greg Fellman Nancy Scarola
2018 Rick Pickert Stacey Swart
2017 Myron Ougendal Darlene Pelzel
2016 Dan Hrehov Fiona Leslie
2015 Jim Anderson & Jim States David Mackey
2014 Glen Hudson Matt Lettich
2013 Geoff Swett CASC Committee
2012 Newsies Glen Hudson
2011 Joe Bell
JoAnn Ray
Donna DeCew
2010 David Mackey Arleen Rountree
2009 Michelle Bell Larry Wendt
2008 Todd Coward Matt Lettich
2007 Utilities Committee Ron Jamtgaard
Bernie Skahill
2006 Bob Purves Ron Waldner
2005 Judy Moore Don & Rosalie Melnick
2004 Steve Rockey Norma Larson
2003 Jim Anderson Carol Lettich
Larry Wendt
Ron Ellis
Library Committee
Thad Thomas
2001 Ron Jamtgaard
Special Project
Ken & Donna DeCew
Thad Thomas
Bob & Myrtle Parker
2000 Norma Larson
Larry Simpson
Jim Cary
Lucy Dike
John Long
1999 Bob Jean Sam Sherer
1998 Don Melnick  
1997 Debbie Cannon  
1996 Don Melnick
Alan McAllister
1995 Rudy Larson
Dennis Ossenkop
1994 John Cooper
Frank Johnson
Elmo Barney
1993 Sewer & Water Rate Committee  
1992 Thad Thomas  
1991 Dick Mah  
1990 Bill Dougherty  
1989 Clem Brandt