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Property owners who are currently leasing slips in the marina will be receiving information on important changes to their lease.
  • Slip leases will now be extended to match the Aquatics lease HPMA has with the State.  Currently it is through August 31, 2020 and allows renewal until August 31, 2036.  No longer will it be up to the Board of Directors to extend the lease you have with HPMA.
  • Under a new Washington State law (RCW 88.02.420), HPMA must obtain and maintain records of all boats using the marina for more than 30 days. To be consistent, all boats, regardless of length of stay in the marina, will need to be registered prior to moorage.  
  • HPMA will now require a copy of the State registration, as well as the Indian Cove Marina form on file, which includes specific information about the boat make, model, length, width and insurance company in addition to the normal contact information.  For boats with a fuel burning engine, $300,000 minimum liability insurance will be required. HPMA must be listed as co-insured on the policy.
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Managing our Marina
The Moorage Committee has the major advisory role for the marina, and provides over site for volunteer work and Harbormaster duties, along with the HPMA Manager.
The Harbormaster is responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the marina.
Contacting the Harbormaster
Only Property Owners should contact the Harbormaster.
Contact the Harbormaster with the dates needed, beam and length of boat, address of property to be billed. Temporary moorage is limited to property owners and their guests. Property owners must be onsite during the requested temporary moorage date for the guest. Moorage is not available to renters.
Every effort is made to accommodate all boats. Please contact Harbormaster if canceling reservations to avoid being billed.

Marina Information
  • 100 Slips from 20-55 feet in length.
  • The slips are 100% leased.
  • Transient Moorage available for property owners and their visiting guests, for a per-diem fee. 2020 is $1.00 per foot, per day.
  • Slips are leased on a long-term basis by owners, who can sub-leases or sell only to other property owners 
  • Seven Security Cameras are installed, 4 with infra-red capabilities

Use of Indian Cove Marina
Temporary Moorage

Temporary/Transient moorage is on the front just inside the breakwater, and is for the use of Property Owners who do not have slip leases.
Contact the Harbormaster for reservations prior to docking. The required paperwork is in the mailbox at the base of the gangway. Funds from the MARINA SLIPS and TEMPORARY MOORAGE help to maintain Indian Cove Marina.
Kayak & Canoe Storage
Racks are available at the marina and other locations for storing kayaks and canoes, for an annual fee. Check with Pam at HPMA office regarding fees and availability.
Boat Ramps

There are two boat ramps; one is located off Chesapeake Drive and the other in the North Beach Lagoon. These are not a part of the Indian Cove Moorage but are maintained by HPMA. Tide charts should be considered when using both ramps, especially in the lagoon.

Fireplace at the Marina

When Quadrant developed Hartstene Pointe back in the 70's many purchasers of the property believed they were promised a marina. A settlement was reached and a 20 slip marina built.
Several years later property owner surveys went out seeking interest to enlarge that marina but the surveys failed. So 100 property owners put forth the funds ($400,000) to build the current 110 slips.
The agreement made with HPMA was that those property owners hold the leases for 25 years and the operation of the marina would be maintained by the lessees at no cost to HPMA. That time was extended in 1996 for another 10 years, until May, 2017 because the leaseholders put forth all the funds to pay for the dredging ($250,000).
In 2004, a policy was adopted that would continue to renew the leases with HPMA beyond 2017. The moorage slip assessments paid annually by the lessees supports the maintenance, insurance, office assistance, Harbormaster, and Washington State Shoreline Lease. Residual funds are set aside for future dredging, major repairs, etc.
Dock Replacement Fee Discount
To:  Long Term Moorage Leaseholders
The Dock Replacement Fee is a five year funding plan.  The contractor, Marine Floats has been selected to build the new docks. It is our intention to have the new docks in place during the 2020 work window.
NOTE: As of now, July 2020, there are ongoing talks; but nothing new to report.
Reference Material
Moorage Lease & Related Documents
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