Pool & Spa
Our Pool & Spa
Pool & Spa are closed for the season due to Covid-19 Virus
To read more about what the ad hoc Advisory 2021 Pool Reopening Committee and their efforts to
open the pool and facilities for 2021 please visit the committee page here
Normally 0pen from Memorial Day to day after Labor Day.
The pool and spa may stay open 1 to 2 weeks longer depending on weather, usage and chemicals for the pool. 
Enjoy our pool and spa in the summer months:
  • 54,000 gallon pool
  • Lap-Swimming & Exercise Times
  • Tables, Umbrellas & Deck Furniture
  • Showers & Dressing Rooms
Pool & Spa Hours
9:00 AM - 10 AM Lap & Quiet Swim
10 AM - 5 PM Open Swim
5-7 PM Lap & Quiet Swim
7-9 PM Open Swim
9:00 AM - 10 AM Lap & Quiet Swim
10 AM - 5 PM Open Swim
5-6 PM Lap & Quiet Swim
6-10 PM Open Swim
Please follow our rules, and respect the rights of everyone to enjoy the pool and spa.
Pool Manager:                           Pam Lynn
Recreation Committee Chair:        Geoff Swett
Recreation Committee Pool Lead: