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Fire Fuel Reduction Even
Saturday, April 13th to Tuesday, April 30th
For the Month of April
Thanks to owner donations to the
Natural Resources Fund
and to a 
Firewise Grant 
obtained by the
Fire Safety Committee,
we have funding for the next
major debris pick-up event.
  • Bring Dead Vegetation from Private Lots and adjacent Common Areas to the roadside (No permit required).
  • Bring from your Private Lot trimmings of live branches which overhang homes and chimneys to the roadside.
  • Bring from the Common area trimmings that overhang homes, driveways and within 18 feet of Chimneys to the roadside (requires a Non-Permit Work Notice, approved same day)
This is a new Permit opportunity for you and your neighbors to trim for Ladder Fuel Reduction.
The Application Fee of $25 will be waived
for the first 20 people
who bring in their Ladder Fuel Applications
to the office for PRC processing
by the deadline of March 30th.
Applications are in the office and on the HPMA Website.
(This Ladder Fuel Reduction Permit debris pick-up
is a FREE opportunity, normally,
cost of pick-up would be the Property Owner's responsibility).
Bring the Fire Fuel Debris
described above
to the roadside from
April 13 to April 28.
Beko's Tree Service will be picking up
Fire Fuel debris 
April 29.