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Dock Replacement Project Construction Schedule
Wednesday, September 8th to Sunday, October 31st
Notice to Vacate the Marina during the New Construction Schedule
Dear Slip Holder,
We hope everyone has heard the good news that the Dock Replacement Project is moving forward.  Marine Floats, our contractor, is currently building the docks at their Tacoma facility.  Onsite demolition and construction at the marina are scheduled to start November 1, 2021. The anticipated work is scheduled for six weeks with a completion date of December 13, 2021.
With the construction industry’s current supply problems, there is always a chance that delays may occur.  While Marine Floats appear to very well organized and purchasing material far in advance, we mention this as a possibility.  HPMA will provide updates as needed by email blast and by posting on the hpma.org website. HPMA will also communicate to all slip holders when the marina is available for your use and vessels may return.
Based on the above schedule, all vessels must vacate the marina no later than October 31, 2021.  Do not plan on returning your vessel to the new marina before December 13, 2021.
Please acknowledge and take the following actions:
1. Confirm with Doug, our Harbormaster, or with the HPMA office that you have received this letter and will have your boat removed by the deadline to harbormaster@hpma.org or office@hpma.org.
2. If you sublease your slip it is your responsibility to notify the sublessee of the dates the marina cannot be used.
3. Remove oyster bags, dock bumpers, hoses, or other equipment you may wish to save.
4. Do not reinstall any equipment that requires attachment (bolts, screws, nails, clamps, etc.) to the new docks. The Moorage Committee is working on a selection of materials that may be purchased and/or attached by HPMA staff only. This is to maintain the integrity, warranty and appearance of the new marina.
HPMA has posted the new marina layout on the hpma.org website so all slip holders can review the plans.
Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.
HPMA and the Moorage Committee
Fire Fuel Reduction Event Pickup Starting November 1st
Friday, October 8th to Monday, November 1st
Bring Ladder Fuel Trimming
(Requires an Approved Ladder Fuel Permit)
Downed and Dead Debris
from around your home
and in Common Area
to the roadside.
Pick up starts November 1st
Bring the
´╗┐Ladder Fuel Trimming and Fire Fuel Debris
described above to the roadside 
for Beko's Tree Service to pick up
November 1st.
  • Bring Dead Vegetation from Private Lots and adjacent Common Areas to the roadside (No permit required).
  • Bring from your Private Lot trimmings of live branches which overhang homes and chimneys to the roadside. (No permit required).
  • Bring from the Common area trimmings that overhang homes, driveways and within 18 feet of Chimneys to the roadside. (Requires a Non-Permit Work Notice, approved same day)