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Fourth of July Needs - Updated
Posted on May 28th, 2018

We are less than a month away from the Fourth and it's time to start the planning.  The celebration is going to be held on the actual Fourth, which is on a Wednesday this year.
Owners Jonathan Bowman and Steven McGregor have "stepped up" to the call, and will be the co-producers of this year's Fourth of July at the Pointe. They would like to thank Geoff and Colleen Swett for their help in "passing the baton" and for all their event knowledge being shared.
If you are available to volunteer this year, please let me know, or just click on the link below.  Along with the parade, food and Fourth events, Pam Lynn will also need volunteers for the front gate and with patrol duties. You can reach Pam at 360-490-6152 or
If you know of someone who wants to help, please pass along my email or phone number.
As you know this event has been successful due to all the great volunteers.
We look forward to a fun and safe 4th of July for all!
Best Regards,
Jonathan Bowman
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