Marina Happenings
Spring cleanup and enhancement day turned out better that we could have ever expected. Contrary to the dreary weather report, we were blessed with mostly sunny skies, which resulted in sunny dispositions in the 32 volunteers who came down to spruce up the marina, the breakwater and the beach; and, to share in the good food.
We started with fruit, muffins and coffee; then got to work. The code flags and the American flag were put up. The breakwater was lashed up ( we had a skin diver to help ), the plant hangers on the gangway were all equipped with new through bolts to securely hold the hanging baskets, the sprinkler system was repaired from the winter storms, loose boards were secured, hose holders were cleaned or replaced, the life preservers were cleaned up and the beach debris was burned. This annual burning of the driftwood and other beach debris is instrumental in keeping  it away from the boats and keeping it from getting lodged between the boats and docks. Finally, all 16 hanging flower baskets were hung.
We finished up with a pulled pork or chicken sandwich ( or both ), a quinoa salad, a pasta tortellini salad, baked beans and potato salad. This was followed by a delicious chocolate cake commemorating the 3 retiring moorage committee members.
Finally, the fire was tended until it burned completely down, then it was vigorously watered to make sure there were no embers left.
Thank you volunteers. It was an awesome day in all regards. It was so fun and productive, I'm already looking forward to next year's cleanup and enhancement day.  Blessings to all of you who care enough to come out and make our wonderful Hartstene Pointe home a better place to live.
Slip holder Alice says: " Get those boats safe, clean and ready for another great boating season; and, stay safe."