Marina Dock
The purpose of this web page is to provide adequate transparency and status on this project
to both slip and property owners alike.
CURRENT STATUS   (Feb 10, 2018)

After several years of planning the dock replacement project accomplished a major milestone on Saturday February 10, with the HPMA Board approving (unanimously) the Moorage Committee recommendations for the contract to be awarded to Marine Floats; and the request for financing (5 to 1). 

This will allow the project to be completed in one phase saving money and allowing it to be used much sooner than projected.  We should see some activity locally as early as next fall/winter and hopefully have it done by next summer (2019). 

The following is a list of the what the new design will contain as we build the new marina for the future. Once the new docks are built, they will be the envy of the South Sound and something all of us at the Pointe will be able to take pride in.

  1. Water and Power for every slip
  2. Wider slips for all by going to 3 ft finger piers
  3. Stiff and stable finger piers without the need for end pilings, no wobbling
  4. Reconfiguration of 30 ft slips on the center dock to allow wider boats
  5. Addition of 3 large boat slips
  6. Replacement of some of the pilings
  7. Enclosed pilings on the outer dock
  8. Slip resistance deck surface year round
  9. A new gangway
  10. An open fairway

It took a lot of work by many people to get this project to this point.  I would like to thank the Board for their thoughtful consideration and support, Stefan and the office for all of the research and coordination with contractors, associated negotiations and budget calculations, slip lease holders for their input and participation and especially my fellow Moorage Committee and subcommittee members (both past and present) for their dedication and many hours of work.  It was truly a team effort that allowed a consensus to form for the many decisions the committee had to make.

Dan Hrehov

TIMETABLE  (estimated)
The project will be completed in one phase:
Feb 2018: 
Selection of Vendor:  Marine Floats (Tacoma)
March - Fall/Winter:
Finalize the design
Build dock sections at company location (Tacoma)
Fall/Winter 2018:
Begin installation in HPMA Marina
Spring/Summer 2019:  Completion of project
110 Slips Available from 20-40 feet in length.
7 Marina rental slips are available on an annual basis to property owners only. Contact the Harbormaster for more information.
New Layout
100 Slips:
   20' - 43
   30' - 37  (wider)
   36' -   3
   40' -   7
   44' -   1
   55' -   1
Slips available on annual basis:  None
Click to see layout diagram and specific slip configuration.
Preliminary bids have been returned from four contractors. After configuration freeze, final design will start and final bids will be obtained. Currently we are close to configuration freeze.
The marina was built in the early eighties to replace a small dock built by Weyerhaeuser. The original slip leaseholders paid for the marina.
Under the current model the marina operates on the basis that the cost of the marina and/or replacement is the responsibility of the “Long Term Lessees.” The leases provide “exclusive” use of the slip as “consideration” since the marina was originally paid for by the Lessees.
Refer to the Marina Handbook and Moorage Administrative Agreement (see website) which provide a more thorough history.
The Long Term Leaseholders have always had the ability to sell/assign their exclusive use to another lot owner. The cost to sell/purchase the assignment of a Long Term Lease has never been guaranteed and so should not be considered an investment. HPMA has never set the price. The price has always been between the buyer and seller and has been market driven.
Within the last two years it has become apparent that the docks are at the end of their useful life and a plan for replacement needs to be implemented. Here is the timeline and work that has taken place to define the problem:
• April 8, 2015 we received a report for the Indian Cove Marina from Association Reserves, an independent company that provides reserve studies for homeowners associations. They reported that the docks had deteriorated and recommended special assessments for replacements of all components of the marina in five years; including the docks, pilings, breakwater and dredging.
• The Moorage Committee formed a sub-committee to further research the issues. Their recommendations were discussed at an open meeting of slip holders last fall on November 7, 2015. Their report is posted on the HPMA website.
• Since then a Moorage Task Force was established to further look into the condition of the marina and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
• Skillings Connolly, a marine engineering firm, was hired to make an assessment of the useful life of the marina this spring. Based on their report, they recommended that the docks be replaced within five years. The complete report is available for viewing on the HPMA website.
• Preliminary discussions with the Department of Natural Resources indicate that they will require new sealed floatation to replace our current tires with exposed foam. As a condition of renewing our Aquatics Lease in 2020 they would require that the flotation be replaced within three years after renewal. This would require new docks no later than the year 2023.
Board-Approved Funding Plan
Discount for Early Payment
The Dock Replace Fee is a five year funding plan.  As an incentive to raise the funds quicker the Board has approved a 5% discount on the dock replacement fee if the entire five years is paid in advance. Thus, if you pay the entire five year fee by December 31, 2017 you will receive a 5% discount.
Slip Owners Survey - Sept 2016
Owners Survey - Jan 2017
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