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David Adams
Larry Wendt
Vice President
Laura Koerber
Tedd Lowcock
Doug McDonald
Helen Weagraff

Jackie Browder
Meeting Times:
Second Friday @ 9:00 am & Third Saturday @ 9:00 am
HPMA Owners' Annual Meeting
Saturday, June 24, 2017, 1:00 p.m.
Welcome – David Adams, President, HPMA Board of Directors
Procedures for electing new members of the Board of Directors
Board approval of the minutes of the June 25, 2016 annual meeting
Recognition of Manager – David Adams
Manager’s Report and Staff Recognition – Stefan Birgh
Committee Reports
  • Permit Review Committee – Karen Cooper
  • Finance & Long Range Planning Committee – Steve Rockey
  • Moorage Committee – Dan Hrehov
  • Common Area Stewardship Committee – David Hartley
  • Island House Committee – Ron Rochon
  • Safety/Fire Hazard Committee – Myron Ougendal
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee – Nancy Scarola
  • Recreation – Geoff Swett
  • Newsletter Committee – Jo Ewart
Recognition of HPMA Volunteers
  • Webmaster
  • Newsletter group
  • Library Committee
  • 4th of July volunteers
  • Pea Patch garden
Awards to Outstanding Community Members – Larry Wendt
  • Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Special Recognition Award
Recognition of Retiring Board Members – Doug McDonald
  • Laura Koerber
  • Larry Wendt
President’s Remarks
Election results announced
Community discussion of suggestions for 2018 budget items
Good of the Order
Board Meeting to Elect Officers
Items Under Consideration
Recently Approved Items

12/22/14:  Diehl + 9 property owners file lawsuit vs. HPMA regarding the 2015 budget
See complaint here.
8/13/15:  Diehl & other litigants file for partial summary judgment to require the court to order the board to revert to last year's (2014) budget which did not fully fund employee health care and allow separate budget votes for Moorage slip holders and Island Home owners.
11/16/15:  HPMA files for summary judgment, asking the court to (1) affirm that the 2015 budget was adopted properly, and (2) to deny plaintiff's motion for summary judgment and to award fees & costs to HPMA.
10/11/16:  Court rules against HPMA in a Memorandum Decision regarding the "vote by mail" method for approving the 22015 budgets.  The Court further ruled that the plaintiffs are entitled to an injunction that would prohibit HPMA from expending any funds from the 2015 budgets without further approval of the Court.

The Court did not rule on any of the other issues in the lawsuit.

Board Announcements
New Board members were elected June 25th, 2016. David Adams and Tedd Lowcock replace outgoing members Bernie Skahill and Ann Dagle.
Barbara Wilderbuer resigned from the Board September 13th, 2016. Larry Wendt voted in as Vice President 9-17-2016.  Jackie Browder voted in as Board member 10-15-2016.
Board Meeting Minutes
Board Officers & Positions:  2016-17
President -        David Adams
Vice President - Larry Wendt
Treasurer -        Tedd Lowcock
Secretary -        Laura Koerber

Committee Liaisons:
Moorage -           Jackie Browder
Fire Safety -        Larry Wendt
Finance -            
Island House -     Doug McDonald
CASC -                Tedd Lowcock
Newsies -            Laura Koerber
Recreation -        Helen Weagraff
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