Nancy Scarola
Jackie Browder
Vice President
Carol McGraw
Tedd Lowcock
Steve Brown 
Terry Fritz
Buzz Herman
Board Agenda      Board Minutes      Board Correspondence
Meeting Times:
Second Friday @ 2:00 pm & Third Saturday @ 9:00 am


Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday January 19, 2019 9:00 am

at the Clubhouse


Call to Order

Member Comment Period 

Announcements: Future meeting topics for February:

(1) PRC to present recommendations for improved process 

(2) Invite to Water-Sewer District to discuss work permits and procedures

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes of Jan.11, 2019 Board meeting

Owner Appeal of Fine: (Roger Becker 397 PDE)

Patrol Report

Manager’s Report

Treasure' s Report

Committee Reports

Old Business:

  • Updates to PTO Policy
  • Licensing options for Movie Rental Program 
  • Status of Natural Resources Plan
New Business:  
  • First Reading- Change to R&Rs, Article V, Building Restrictions, Section 7, Fences
  • Update Communications Policy 1.01 to clarify procedure for management of Board Correspondence
  • Begin Goal setting, Projects List and Timeline for 2019
  • Plan for Staff Performance Reviews
  • Request by Clearwood Community association to visit 
  • Disaster Airlift Response plan Request for Sept.14, 2019 Drill at the Spit- Presented by Ross McDowell, Director of Mason Co Dept of Emergency Management and JIm States MD

Good of the Order

Executive Session - Legal Matters



Board Announcements
New Board members were elected June 23, 2018. Steve Brown and Terry Fritz replace outgoing members Doug McDonald and Helen Weagraff, and Jackie Browder was re-elected to a second term. Buzz Hermann was appointed on August 10, 2018 to fill a 1 year term available following the resignation of David Adams on July 11, 2018.
The new Board has elected the following members to the officer positions:
  • Nancy Scarola, President
  • Jackie Browder, Vice President
  • Carol McGraw, Secretary
  • Ted Lowcock, Treasurer
Board Meeting Minutes
Board Officers & Positions: 
President -        Nancy Scarola
Vice President - Jackie Browder
Treasurer -        Tedd Lowcock
Secretary -        Carol McGraw
Member -          Steve Brown
Member -          Terry Fritz
Member -          Buzz Hermann

Committee Liaisons - 2018-19
Moorage -           Jackie Browder
Fire Safety -        Nancy Scarola
Finance -             
Island House -     
CASC -                
Newsies -            
PRC -                  Buzz Hermann
Recreation -         
Emergency Preparedness - Nancy Scarola

Annual Meetings
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