Boat & RV Storage
HPMA provides on-site storage areas for Boats & Trailers, RV's, Utility Trailers, Kayaks and Canoes for a fee. These amenities are available to all owners.
HPMA also has two boat-launching ramps: 
  • Lagoon Ramp:   This ramp has a dock, and is located in the lagoon at the east end, accessed by the road off of Chesapeake that goes to the spit.

    This ramp is only for the smaller boats (under 25' or so), and can only be used at high tide.  When entering or exiting the lagoon, keep to the outside as there is a sand bar in the middle of the lagoon.
  • Case Inlet Ramp:  This ramp has no dock, and is accessed by the other road off of Chesapeake.
Kayak/Canoe storage:   Available at multiple locations:  Indian Cove, Cuttysark Estuary, Chesapeake boat launch and on both sides of the Spit Tennis Courts.   Annual Permit fee is $50 for lower and middle levels, and $35 for upper level, with an initial application processing fee of $10.  Permit application process is identical to that for Boats and RV's.
The storage area is located along the southeastern edge of the HPMA property, and reached via a road off of Nantucket.    There are 21 designated parking slots for RVs, with electrical power supplied for 10 of those spots.
There are also 6 designated spots for utility trailers.
Boat Storage areas are located at the North end of the Pointe at Pointes Drive East, Pointes Drive East and Chesapeake and at the Boat Launch
Length includes boat + trailer.
Kayaks and Canoes are assigned spaces:
Kayak and Canoe Storage areas are located at: West Beach/Marina
Spit Tennis Court/near Sewer Plant
Spit Tennis Courts
Chesapeake Boat Launch
South Beach/Little Lagoon
Annual Fees:
Lower and Middle Level   
Top Level
Initial Application processing fee:
Annual Fees:
(RV applicant can apply for a 1,2,or 3-year permit)
RV Parking Slot w/o power     $120
RV Parking Slot with power     $320
Utility Trailer Slot <15'            $100
Utility Trailer Slot  15-25'        $110
Utility Trailer Slot  >25'           $120

Initial Application processing fee:   $25
Annual Fees:
Boat + Trailer Slot <15'      
$  100
Boat + Trailer Slot  15-25'  
Boat + Trailer Slot  >25'      
$  120
Initial Application processing fee:       
Rules & Regulations:
Section 5 & 6.  Pertaining to storage in the common area.
Application Process:
Storage Agreement Forms and payment(s) are due in January. The forms are available outside the office in a display rack next to the Office or you can download them from here:
All vehicles stored in these areas must have a permit affixed to them.
If the demand for storage space exceeds the supply as of January 31 of each year, a lottery shall be held to determine which owners will receive permits.
The storage areas are for owners at the Pointe who are actively using their Boats, RV’s or Trailers. They are not intended for use as long-term storage if they are not being actively used.
Page Editor:  Pam Lynn