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Tree Postings
This page displays the trees that owners have requested to be evaluated as potential hazards, the arborist's evaluation and recommended action, and the Manager's final action plan.  This procedure is in accordance with the Forest Management Policy #4.04.
*Trees which the General Manager deems as imminent hazards (per Policy 4.04) may be removed without the need for posting, and so may not appear on these lists.
Once the Arborist's recommendations are posted, owners have at least 15 days to provide any comments or suggestions to the Manager.  Please identify the tree by the Tree and Site # when doing so. *Trees defined as imminent hazards (per Policy 4.04) by the Arborist will listed in the Arborist and Manager's action plan for information purposes, but do no require the 15-day posting period.
Trees that are proposed for removal for reasons other than being a hazard may also be posted for owner comments, at the discretion of the Manager or Board.  Examples might be trees that are creating maintenence problems for our pool, or are restricting sunlight for the pea patch.
Hazard Trees Submitted for Review
Nearest Address Posting Date
Tree Removal Recommendations by Arborist & Manager's Action Plan
Date Posted
Tree #           
Diam. "
Arborist: Work 
Manager's Action*
682 Portage 157   Cedar 24" House Imminent Hazard Remove Remove
163 Nantucket 158   Cedar 18" House Non Hazard No Action No Action
187 Nantucket 159   Cedar 22" House Non Hazard No Action No Action
369 PDE 160   Maple 20" House Non Hazard Cut off Dead Limbs Cut off Dead Limbs
430 PDE 161   Cedar 20"   Imminent    
North Beach 162   Alder 24" Shelter Non Hazard No Action No Action
North Beach 163   Alder 18" Shelter   No Action No Action
682 Portage 165   Cedar 24" House Imminent Hazard Remove Remove
722 Promontory 166   Cedar 24" House  Non Hazard No Action No Action
658 Pitcairn 167   Cedar 18" House Non Imminent Remove anyway Remove
658 Pitcairn 168   Cedar 24" House Non Hazard No Action No Action