Wildlife at the Pointe
There has been a juvenile Cougar sighted earlier this week on a residents deck.
Patrol contacted Washington State Fish and Wildlife and they stated to alert the community with some basic facts about living with Cougars. Click on the link for this information.
Please report the sighting to 
Washington State Fish and Wildlife
Dangerous Wildlife Complaints
Sightings Soon to Come: the Pointe’s Wildflowers.
The Pointe greenbelt does not feature an abundance of flowers, probably due to deer browsing, but we do have some. What follows is a field guide to some of our species.
Moist shady areas, tiny flowers close to the ground, blooms all summer
Orange honeysuckle and hairy honeysuckle
Vines that grow in the midst of brush along side many trails huckleberries, prefers partial shade, blooms late spring and early summer.
Red Indian Paintbrush
Prefers dry environment, can be seen in a few places high up on the bluffs north of the Bo’sun stairs in summer
Columbia Tiger Lily
Shade, moist places. May to August. Has been seen in Cuttysark lagoon. Also seen along the road just outside the Pointe gate. Spectacular flower—please do not pick! Leave them for the next person to see and enjoy!
Yellow Violets
Very low-growing tiny plants can be seen along the trails in shady moist areas. Spring and early summer blooms
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